Top 4 Reasons to Trial Sonocent for Free at Your College

A story of learning independence, simplified administration, cost savings, and GPA rises.

1. You’ll create learning independence

Do you work with students who are reliant on notes taken by a peer? With Sonocent those same students can regain control of their learning by taking notes independently. The software breaks the note-taking process down into manageable steps that almost any student can perform. And it's proven to work. 92% of students say they can now take notes independently with Sonocent software.

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2. You'll raise attainment

With Sonocent, your students can actively engage with their recordings - both in class and back at their desk. Like all highly effective note-taking strategies, this involves active rather than passive learning. Research has found that by actively engaging with classroom instruction students will remember far more of what they hear. Which is why many colleges report GPA rises across the board a single semester after making Sonocent available to their students.

Infographic | 87% of students say Sonocent has raised their grades

3. You'll simplify note-taking administration

If you currently coordinate peer note takers you'll know how much time, stress, and effort is involved. Sonocent will lift that burden off your shoulders. From an online dashboard, you can assign, track, and manage all your licenses - with just a few clicks.

Video | Simple Note-Taking Administration with our Loan License Manager

4. You'll save money

Is a big chunk of your note-taking spend eaten up by providing peer notetakers? By replacing them with Sonocent, you can expect to make significant cost savings. In fact, many colleges have already done so.

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