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With Sonocent Audio Notetaker, you can conduct better interviews, save time on transcribing, and fast-track the article writing process 

How Audio Notetaker helps.

When conducting interviews and running focus groups, digital recorders are handy because they capture everything. But the drawback is that you then have to spend hours transcribing your recordings.

Audio Notetaker is your solution to this age-old problem. 

With the software, you can take a high-quality recording... quickly and easily highlight great quotes... add reference material... and create the structure of your final article or report.


The Audio Notetaker workspace explained

Recorded or imported audio is visualized phrase-by-phrase as colored chunks, which you can quickly navigate, edit and organize.

Color highlight chunks instead of writing things down. Use color to extract audio, images and text into new projects.

Add notes, summaries and transcriptions.

Import images, slides and PDF documents.

Export your project as text documents, music files or videos.


Create better records of interviews

The quality, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of the resources you can create in Audio Notetaker will greatly improve the way you work.

Highlighted quotes, section breaks, reference material, text notes, images… all there in one handy workspace. It’s everything you’ll need to write your final article or report.


Work more efficiently... with everything in one place

With Audio Notetaker, you have a ‘bird’s-eye view’ of your recording – meaning you can go straight to the key sections without endlessly winding backwards and forwards.

Plus you can quickly delete sections of the recording that you know you won’t use. And find all your material on a topic at a click with a simple search

Download a free 30-day trial

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    Any recording; that will do nicely

    Audio Notetaker works brilliantly with almost any audio. Import your own recordings from a digital voice recorder, use our App, record into your laptop and more.

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    A clever bit of processing

    The software visualizes your audio as colored chunks, which means super quick reviewing and pain-free audio editing. Add notes if you would find that useful.

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    Make every color count

    Use color to mark key quotes from your audio recording. create you own color keys. And color sections too.

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    All your recordings a few clicks away

    Audio Notetaker helps you organise your recordings and notes so they are always easily accessible.


Fast-track the article-writing process

By marking up great quotes and inserting section breaks as you record – all with a click of the mouse or shortcut key – you are effectively creating the structure of your eventual article or report.

That way, you’ll be ready to start your write up as soon as you get back to your desk.


Focus 100% on your interviewee

The process of scribbling notes in interviews or focus groups can prevent you from building a rapport with your interviewee.

So why not type your questions into the Audio Notetaker text pane before the interview?

During the interview, you can insert section breaks and color highlight unobtrusively – with a single click.


Truly mobile and super convenient

Sonocent Recorder is our free companion app. Use it to take high quality recordings of your interviews. Highlight quotes with color, insert section breaks, type brief notes and take pictures...

Then transfer your files straight into Audio Notetaker to create the structure for your article or report.


Case Studies

Sophie Chalmers Journalist

Journalist Sophie Chalmers recently tried out Audio Notetaker. To say she loves it is an understatement.

Sophie has been an editor and journalist for 21 years. Although she learned shorthand many years ago, she never really got into it – it’s hard to build a rapport with interviewees when your mind is focused entirely on capturing what someone says. So she switched to Dictaphones. The beauty of these is that they record everything. That is also their downside – back at her desk, hours of an interviewee rambling has to be transcribed. Not forgetting the pain of missing one key word and having to listen to the last minute all over again.

Enter Audio Notetaker. Sophie discovered the software by chance. As editor of a special educational needs magazine, she was investigating tools to help young people with dyslexia, and interviewed a teacher for an article entitled Modern note-taking for complex subjects – study tools for students with dyslexia. For this, Sophie used her trusty Dictaphone.

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