Taking the pain out of note taking.

Capturing professional records of meetings, interviews, and presentations is refreshingly easy with Sonocent Audio Notetaker

How Sonocent software helps professionals.

From conferences and training sessions, to meetings and important consultations, every professional person needs to take accurate notes.

With Audio Notetaker this is easy. Focus on listening and contributing without having to scribble notes down at the same time. And mark the important bits with color, at a click.

The end result is a deeply informative professional resource that you can share with your colleagues and revisit whenever you need to.


The Audio Notetaker workspace explained

Recorded or imported audio is visualized phrase-by-phrase as colored chunks, which you can quickly navigate, edit and organize.

Color highlight chunks instead of writing things down. Use color to extract audio, images and text into new projects.

Add notes, summaries and transcriptions.

Import images, slides and PDF documents.

Export your project as text documents, music files or videos.


Capture everything effortlessly

Taking written notes in fast-moving meetings is difficult and stressful. Miss something important and that information is gone forever...

But you don’t have to worry when you have Audio Notetaker.

The software will capture the whole meeting, visualizing each phrase as a chunk. Afterwards, you can quickly return to any point of the recording, without rewinding or fast-forwarding.


Create better notes and minutes

Is capturing accurate records of business meetings a major part of your job? Audio Notetaker will help you do this comprehensively, faster… better.

Stay engaged with what you are hearing. Highlight important bits as you record. Then come back to those bits later, adding images, PowerPoint slides, references, and text notes to the one project. It’s that easy!


Free-up your time for other tasks

With Audio Notetaker, you don't waste valuable time searching for facts and action points from meetings held months ago.

Your edited recordings, slides, stats, and annotations will be stored in a single interface – just a click away.

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    Presentations made easy

    Audio Notetaker allows you to capture your presentation, review it, practice it and, ultimately, perfect it.

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    Flag crucial information

    Use color to mark important phrases from your audio recording in ways that are meaningful to you. You may even want to use color instead of writing down quotes.

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    Capture Skype meetings

    Do you ever get to the end of telephone meetings having forgotten everything that was said? With Audio Notetaker, you can record Skype calls, highlight the key parts during the call and return to them later.

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    Evidence the recruitment process

    Planning to conduct multiple job interviews? Want to create an objective record which you can share with your colleagues? Use Audio Notetaker and you can add your comments on the interviewee's answers alongside the recording.


Get quickly up-to-speed on new projects

When you start a new project or job, there can be lots of fresh lingo to get your head around. But, unfortunately, there’s rarely time in meetings to go back over anything you don’t understand.

So why not record your meetings into Audio Notetaker, highlighting unfamiliar words and phrases with the color highlighter tool? Afterwards, you can go straight to the highlighted phrases, listen back and dig deeper.


Record, annotate and review with the device in your pocket

Sonocent Recorder is our free companion app. Use it to take high quality recordings of your meetings, interviews or training sessions. Highlight with color, type notes and take pictures. Then transfer your files straight into Audio Notetaker to create your notes. Once you’re done, export to iTunes to review on the move.

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