A study tool for learning through spoken language

With Sonocent software, you can improve your listening and speaking skills by digging deeper into spoken language

How our software helps language learners.

Using the software you can quickly create language learning resources from podcasts, videos, and recordings of your classes.

Simply import your file into Sonocent Audio Notetaker. The audio will then be visualised as coloured chunks which you can edit, organise, and colour highlight… adding text notes, images, and slides right alongside.

With the resulting resource, you can practice your pronunciation and work on your understanding of new vocabulary.


The Audio Notetaker workspace explained

Recorded or imported audio is visualized phrase-by-phrase as colored chunks, which you can quickly navigate, edit and organize.

Color highlight chunks instead of writing things down. Use color to extract audio, images and text into new projects.

Add notes, summaries and transcriptions.

Import images, slides and PDF documents.

Export your project as text documents, music files or videos.


Develop independent language learning skills

The most successful students are those who do extra study outside of the classroom.

Sonocent makes it much easier to study independently using resources that you find online or elsewhere. Now any YouTube video or podcast becomes a potential study resource!

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Confident note-taking in your target language

Taking comprehensive lecture notes in real-time is extremely difficult if you are still developing your language skills.

But with our software, everything is captured and easily accessible...

You can focus on listening while in class. Use the color highlighter to mark speech that is important or hard to understand. And revisit your recording whenever you choose.

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Get feedback on your spoken language

Once you have recorded your speech into our software, your teachers can provide accurate and constructive feedback by highlighting words and phrases and adding text notes.


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    Presentations made easy

    With our software, you can capture your presentation, review it, practice it and, ultimately, perfect it.

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    Highlight what you don’t understand

    Use our color highlighting tools to mark any parts of your recording that you don’t understand. You can go back to them later when you have your dictionary handy.

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    Record yourself and listen back

    Take a recording of yourself practicing a speaking activity. Then listen back and color highlight any pronunciation that you need to work on.

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    Learn on the go

    Export your files as an MP4 and listen back with your music player - wherever you are. It’s a great way to learn new vocabulary.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker free trial

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