Making it easier to transcribe recordings

Sonocent Audio Notetaker Transcription Service.

Taking recordings of lectures, classes, interviews and dictations and marking up the important parts for transcription is pain-free with the Sonocent Audio Notetaker software and companion app.

Plus, the features built into the software make it easy to prepare your audio recordings and order a transcription online 24/7 through the Words To Note portal, with 24-hour turnaround* and 95%+ transcription accuracy .

For recordings up to 60-minutes. Delivery times could occasionally vary during peak periods of demand.


Why use Sonocent Audio Notetaker for your transcription needs

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    Work with audio recordings easily

    Recorded speech is visualized as coloured chunks, phrase by phrase. This way you can quickly navigate, annotate and edit your audio files, ready for transcription.

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    Save money

    Only transcribe what is useful, as the software makes it easy to extract only the important parts for transcription.

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    Improve accuracy of transcriptions

    To improve transcription accuracy, use the built-in audio clean up tools to improve the clarity of recordings, if they are less than perfect.

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    Combine audio and transcription

    Your resulting transcriptions sits right alongside the relevant audio, once you’ve imported it back into the software, improving depth of understanding.


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