Transcription and interviewing.

Making it easier to work with interview material and transcribe recordings

Do you regularly conduct interviews?.

Tired of trawling through lengthy audio recordings for those key quotes and golden nuggets of information?

Taking recordings of interviews and dictations, and marking up the parts that you will want to revisit, is pain-free with our software and free app.

Plus, when you come to transcribe your recordings, you can up your productivity by using the transcription features built into the software for this purpose.


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    Integration with Dragon software

    Audio Notetaker for Windows features integration with leading transcription software Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium and Professional, versions 11 and above.

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    Do it at your own pace

    Struggling to keep up? Slow down the playback speed of your recordings with our adjustable controls.

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    Easy to work with audio

    Recorded speech is visualized as colored chunks, phrase by phrase. This way you can quickly navigate and edit your audio files when transcribing.

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    Text and audio in one workspace

    Type your transcriptions right alongside the relevant audio, and add section breaks to create the structure of your written piece.


Student needing to conduct research and write essays?

Do you need to conduct interviews for research or an assignment? Do you like to capture ideas as dictations as they occur to you?

With our free companion app, you can take recordings wherever you are, and highlight the key moments as you listen.

Afterwards, you can transfer your file to our Audio Notetaker software and take your transcriptions, right alongside your recordings.

video: the software's transcription features explained

Journalist or researcher needing to work more efficiently with interview recordings?

When conducting interviews and running focus groups, digital recorders are handy because they capture everything. But you then have to spend hours transcribing your recordings.

Audio Notetaker is your solution to this age-old problem. 

With the software, you can take a high-quality recording, quickly and easily highlight great quotes, and create the structure of your final article or report.

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Professional needing to take minutes and create records of interviews?

Work more productively by dictating your notes, ideas, and action points with our free companion app.

You can even highlight the audio you know you will need to revisit as you listen, and add photos of diagrams and whiteboard notes to the same file.

Afterwards, you can quickly transcribe your recordings using the inbuilt transcription tools.

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What our users say…

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    Kimberly Harvey

    Design researcher, Google
  • usages-transcription-quotes-us

    Sophie Chalmers

    Journalist and editor
  • usages-transcription-quotes-us

    Kimberly Harvey

    Design researcher, Google
  • usages-transcription-quotes-us

    Sophie Chalmers

    Journalist and editor


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