Study skills development.

With our software, students develop transferable study skills for education and the workplace.

Is text always best.?

From note taking to revision and essay composition, the traditional approach to studying has been to reach straight for pen and paper.

That may work for some students. But for many, writing can be a barrier to learning.

With Sonocent Audio Notetaker, students can come at learning from a different angle by working with multiple types of media in one workspace.


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    Multimedia learning

    Reading and writing don’t come easy to every student. Audio Notetaker’s multimedia workspace provides another way to learn.

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    Suitable for all ages

    Audio Notetaker is designed for students of all ages and abilities. Getting up and running is easy. Most students say that less than 30-minutes training is necessary.

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    Free learning resources

    Audio Notetaker is pre-loaded with videos on using the software for note taking and more. Additional learning resources are available for educators.

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    Do more with what you hear

    Audio Notetaker makes speech a tangible thing by visualizing audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase. This makes it far easier to navigate and edit audio recordings.


Use it for note taking

Note taking is difficult. There is simply too much to do at one.

But with Audio Notetaker, students can break note taking down into manageable steps.

First, they record and make annotations. Second, they review the material at their own pace.

Video: How to use the software for note-taking

Use it for brainstorming and group work

Bouncing ideas around with coursemates can spark off fresh associations when tackling all sorts of assignments.

With our software, students can capture all these ideas as a recording, and highlight the best ones with a click.

Plus they can insert photos of mindmaps and diagrams on the whiteboard alongside the audio to which they relate.

video: how to use the software to develop ideas

Use it to compose better essays

No more rushing for pen and paper before ideas are clearly thought through.

Students can talk through their thoughts on the topic, listen back, edit and expand.

Once happy with the structure of their work, they can start writing.

video: how to use the software to compose essays

Use it for revision

The projects that students can create with our software are incredibly useful come revision time.

No more digging around in battered folders for missing handouts or chasing up notes from coursemates.

Students can access all their materials - including annotated lecture recordings, slides, and their own notes - with a quick search, and even export as an album to revise on the go.

video: how to use the software to take cornell notes

Use it to develop speaking and listening skills

From videos to podcasts, all sorts of content can be used to analyze speech and practice pronunciation with our software.

Students and teachers can capture audio from online resources, and use the color highlighting tools to categorise different aspects of language.

Plus students can practice pronunciation and presentations until perfect, and share the file with teacher for feedback.

video: how to use the software to practise presentations

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