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We make it easier to take better notes. Our unique approach to note taking is proven to get results.

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People need to take notes in many scenarios - from the lecture theatre to the meeting room. But the way most of us do it - scribbling frantically while trying to process what we are hearing - just isn't effective.

That's why we came up with the idea for Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

With the software, you can capture everything you hear without writing, and highlight key points for review with a click. Plus you can add your slides, diagrams, and text notes to the same project.

Watch the short video opposite to see how it works.

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    Never miss a thing

    Trying to write or type everything up in classes and meetings is difficult. But with Audio Notetaker, you can capture everything for review and focus on listening and participating.

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    Do it at your own pace

    After your class or meeting, you can listen back to the key moments from your recording and type your notes without any time pressure.

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    Get organized

    Build up a library of multimedia resources - slides, notes, and audio - from classes or meetings. Tap into the information when you need to.

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    Up your productivity

    Unlike digital recorders, Audio Notetaker gives you a ‘bird’s eye view’ of your entire recording. Go back to the key moments with a click.


Our proven CARE process for note taking

Note taking is incredibly difficult, because there is simply too much to do at once.

But by following our CARE process (Capture, Annotate, Review, Engage), you can break the process down into manageable steps.

This way you can capture more, remember more -- and create useful resources for everything from written work to research and revision.

Read on to find out more about how our CARE process works.


Step 1: Capture

Take a recording with your laptop or our free companion app. Or import audio files that you’ve already created.

The software displays each phrase of speech as a colored chunk. This makes it easy to navigate and edit your audio.

VIDEO: Capture explained

Step 2: Annotate

Highlight the moments from your recording that you will want to go back to.

Add slides and images right alongside the related audio.

And do it all as you record with a few clicks or keyboard shortcuts.

VIDEO: Annotate explained

Step 3: Review

Listen back to the moments of your recording that you highlighted and enhance the sound quality with our Audio Clean-Up toolkit.

Type or record summaries alongside your original recording within the Text Pane.

So much useful information to refer to, all in the same place!

video: review explained

Step 4: Engage

Pull together the ideas and source material that you will draw upon for a piece of work. Export your audio, text and images as an album, text document, or video. You can also quickly share your projects with coursemates, colleagues, and teachers.

Video: engage explained

It really works: and we have the proof


Truly mobile and super convenient

Record, annotate and review with the device in your pocket.

Sonocent Recorder is our free companion app. Use it to take high-quality recordings of your lectures. Highlight with colour, type notes, and take pictures. Then transfer your files straight into Audio Notetaker to take your notes. Once you’re done, export to iTunes to review on the move.


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