Language learning.

With Sonocent software, students can dig deeper into spoken language, improving their listening and speaking skills.

Work with all types of language learning content in one place.

These days, language learners and teachers have more educational content at their fingertips than ever before. 

But just think how useful it would be if you could capture and study from it all in one interactive workspace.

Well, with Sonocent software, you can store:

Audio from podcasts and online videos

• Recordings of language practice and group work

Visual annotations of text and audio for feedback and assessment

• Text notes, slides, and images - right alongside the audio to which they relate

It's great for practicing pronunciation and new vocabulary and even better come revision time.


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    Easy to work with audio

    Recorded speech is visualized as colored chunks, phrase by phrase. This way students can quickly navigate and edit their audio files.

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    Text and audio in one workspace

    Students can learn the relationship between written and spoken language by accessing text and audio in one workspace.

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    Quickly create learning resources

    Capture audio from online videos, podcasts, dictations, and group work sessions. Highlight the key moments in color. Add text notes and images alongside.

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    Perfect pronunciation

    Students can record themselves practicing new vocabulary. They can listen back to their delivery. And share with teacher for additional feedback.


Supports independent study

Now any YouTube video or podcast becomes a potential study resource.

Record what's playing on your computer directly into our software, and highlight new vocabulary and more as you listen.

You can even add screengrabs alongside your audio as you record, with the Screen Capture tool.

video: how to use the software to work with online videos

Teachers can use it to provide constructive feedback

In the past it has been difficult for teachers to provide feedback on pronunciation and other tasks, particularly on distance-learning courses.

But our software includes a range of features that you can use to show students where they are doing well and what needs some practice.

Most usefully of all, you can highlight individual phrases from recordings of speech with colour keys that you have created for the purpose. And you can add text notes alongside the audio where your feedback requires further elucidation.

Video: color highlighting and more

Utilize our app for language learning

With our companion app, language students can record, annotate their audio and add photos - within the same file.

The app makes it easy to capture group work, record classes when creating notes, and even record discussions with teacher for reference.

When they return to their desk, students can quickly and simply transfer their file to access the full features of the software.

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