Accessible study.

With Sonocent Audio Notetaker, students with a range of disabilities can study effectively and independently

How Audio Notetaker Helps Students with Disabilities.

With Sonocent Audio Notetaker, you can take notes independently - capturing a complete record of the lecture, without writing anything down.

Later, you can come back to your recording to create a formidable, multi-sensory study resource.

The software is packed full of accessibility features and has been used by tens of thousands of students to achieve their academic potential.


The Audio Notetaker workspace explained

Recorded or imported audio is visualized phrase-by-phrase as colored chunks, which you can quickly navigate, edit and organize.

Color highlight chunks instead of writing things down. Use color to extract audio, images and text into new projects.

Add notes, summaries and transcriptions.

Import images, slides and PDF documents.

Export your project as text documents, music files or videos.


Far more efficient than using a digital recorder

If your disability means that you struggle to work with text, you may have considered recording your lectures with a digital recorder.

The problem is that you then have to spend hours rewinding and fast-forwarding through the recordings to retrieve important information. If you have several lectures a day, this simply isn’t practical.

Fortunately, with Audio Notetaker you can go straight to the information you need with the click of a button. Plus you can quickly delete any parts of the recording that you won’t need.

See how it helps dyslexic students

A game-changer if you have dyslexia

If you are dyslexic, taking written notes in lectures is fiendishly difficult. You may be left with incomplete notes and very little memory of what your professor talked about.

But with Audio Notetaker, you can concentrate on understanding the concepts under discussion, safe in the knowledge that everything is being captured for you to revisit later.

What’s more, the software’s interface is visually optimised to support dyslexic users, with changeable background colours and the option to copy text from slides into a dyslexia-friendly font.

More about how it helps dyslexic students

A big help if you have a physical impairment

Do you have a physical impairment which affects your ability to write? With Audio Notetaker, you can record your lectures while using keyboard shortcuts to highlight important information.

Plus you can structure your essays in audio form before writing them up with the software’s intuitive highlight, drag, cut and paste tools. This way your difficulties with writing won’t impact your productivity.

Case study: Read how the software helped a student with physical disabilities

A winner if you have a hearing impairment

You will never miss a thing from lectures with Audio Notetaker, even if you suffer from a hearing impairment. Use the software’s playback options to slow down audio, minimise background noise and play audio in small chunks.

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