Loan License Manager.

A smarter way to administer and manage your loans of Sonocent Audio Notetaker

Do it all from your desktop.

Our Loan License Manager has been designed to make it easy to administer and manage licenses of Sonocent Audio Notetaker for PC and Mac.

With it, you can lend the software over and over again...approving, extending and tracking the status of all your loans with a few clicks from an online dashboard.

Watch the video to discover how it works.

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    Manage everything with one license key

    You don’t want to spend your days chasing up multiple copies of software. So we give you one license key, which you can make available to all users.

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    Quickly approve access to the software

    The Loan License Manager will highlight whenever a user installs and activates Sonocent Audio Notetaker. Approve and extend access with a few clicks.

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    Track the status of all your loans

    See how many copies of the software are in use, how many you have available, and how many are close to expiry -- at a glance.

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    Generate quotes for more loans

    Experiencing unexpected levels of demand for the software? Request a quote for more loan licenses direct from the dashboard.


Set new users up without any hassle

When you’re implementing a new piece of software at a large or medium-sized institution, two factors are vital:

• ease of administration

• the experience of the end user

With the Loan License Manager, you can be confident that both are covered from the get go.

When a user activates the software with your license key, they will automatically receive 14-days’ access. Simply log in to the Loan License Manager, check their details and extend for a period of your choice.


Extend and reassign access - remotely

There will be times when you want to give users access to our software for short periods - and then make it available to others.

With the Loan License Manager, staying on top of this process is pain-free, even if you have dozens of users to keep happy.

Every time a loan nears expiry, you will be notified from the dashboard. Extend access quickly. Or wait for access to expire and reassign to another user.


Providing note-taking support in education?

Dozens of educational institutions have chosen to manage access to Audio Notetaker with the Loan License Manager.

It’s designed to reduce the burden of administration that has traditionally been placed on institutions providing note-taking support to multiple students.

From the dashboard, it’s easy to assign our software to students for short time periods, then extend or reassign access, without leaving the office.


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