Sonocent Recorder for iOS and Android.

Record and annotate on the go with our free companion app.

Why download the free app…

From meetings to interviews - now you can capture everything with your smartphone or tablet.

Use our free Sonocent Recorder app to:

• take high-quality recordings

• highlight key moments in colour

• add images right alongside your audio

• painlessly transfer your file to Sonocent Audio Notetaker


Experience brilliant audio quality

The app features advanced audio-technology that improves the quality of your recordings at playback.

• The technology automatically:

• boosts the volume of recorded speech

• removes common background noises

Our tests show that this enhances any recording taken in a communal setting - such as a lecture theatre or meeting room.


Highlight key information with a tap

Whenever you hear something important, you can highlight it in color with a tap.

This way, you can focus on what you are hearing... and go back to those key moments when you revisit your recording.


Capturing useful visuals is a cinch

Snap a photo of a useful slide or image and include it alongside your audio.

The result: a super-informative work or study resource, featuring high-quality audio, color, images, and text notes.


Create your own color keys

Our free app comes pre-loaded with color keys for highlighting the key moments for your recordings.

But you can also create your own - handy if you are compiling material for a big project and want to group audio by topic.


Record and color highlight discreetly

With Glance Mode you can record interviews while giving full attention to your interviewee.

Your screen is blank as you record. Highlight audio or sections with one or two taps - without looking at the screen.


Pain-free Wi-Fi transfer

Once you have taken your recording with the app, you can share your file with Audio Notetaker via WiFi.

The transfer will take just a few seconds. Once it's done, you can:

• Listen back to your full recording

• Type further text notes

• Add .ppt or .pdf slides

• Export as an MP3, video or text document

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