Implementation and management.

Implementing Sonocent is simple and will significantly reduce the time you spend coordinating peer notetakers.

Manage your licenses from your desktop.

Support staff tell us that Sonocent saves them considerable time and hassle compared to other note-taking provisions. From our Loan License Manager, you can allocate, track, and manage your software licenses without leaving your office. Plus you can tap into plenty of free training and promotional resources for getting students excited about Sonocent and using the software in class.

Infographic | 9 Tried-And-Tested Steps To Piloting Sonocent For Free At Your Institution

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    Manage your licenses online

    With our Loan License Manager, you can allocate Sonocent to your students for defined periods of time, then allocate it to other students -- all from your computer.

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    A pool of useful resources

    You'll receive a welcome pack with simple instructions on managing your licenses and setting Audio Notetaker up on your students’ computers -- plus guides to the software for staff and students.

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    Dedicated support

    If you require any assistance during your time with Sonocent, you can contact us on or +1.202.657.4332, or speak directly to your local supplier

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    Secure and reliable

    We follow the same architectural methods as Microsoft and Apple and put our software through 3 rigorous stages of testing.

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Quickly get your students up and running

Training your students in the basics of using Sonocent for independent note taking should take no more than 30-minutes. Plus you can make use of free training resources that we have developed in collaboration with study skills experts. Many of these resources are available directly from our desktop software's Home Tab, including four short videos outlining our CARE process for effective note taking with Sonocent.

Live webinar | Sonocent 101 training for students

Free your team from hours of tiresome admin

Wouldn’t your team like to spend more time helping students and less managing note-taking provisions? With our Loan License Manager, you won’t need to chase up the software from individual students - which is a huge time-saver. Plus you can cut down on the paperwork necessary when organizing peer note takers.

Article | Note-taking support is now easier to administer with our Loan License Manager

Trial Sonocent for free.

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