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    We're off to the ATIA 2017 Conference in Orlando where we will have a stand and a room full of presentations followed by a 10 year birthday party.

    Booth: 7 & 8

    Event Location: Caribe Royale Hotel and Convention Center – Orlando, Florida

    Pre-conference seminars: January 17–18, 2017

    Conference: January 18–21, 2017

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    Thursday January 19 - Presentations and Evening Event in Meeting Room Boca VII


    Title | Digitizing note-taking support and how it creates learning independence, raises attainment, and reduces administration

    Time: 9.30 am

    Structure: 90-minute interactive session

    Speaker: Dave Tucker, CEO of Sonocent

    Session abstract: What do we mean by digitizing note-taking support? Why should colleges consider digitizing note-taking? Who can benefit from digital note-taking? How have institutions implemented Sonocent note-taking software, and what were the benefits to learning independence, GPA scores, retention rates, and simplified administration?

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    Title | Scaffold learning with audio note-taking software

    Time: 11.00 am

    Structure: 1 hour

    Speaker: Dave Tucker, CEO of Sonocent

    Session abstract: Join this intensive, hands-on demonstration of how audio note-taking software enables students who struggle with written language develop core study skills that will stand them in good stead throughout further education and employment.

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    Title | How To Promote AT To Students Across Departments And Beyond Disability Services

    Time: 2.00 pm

    Structure: 20 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A

    Speaker: Brad Held, Accessible Technology Coordinator, University of Central Florida (UCF)

    Session abstract: Traditionally, accessible technology has been seen as a specific accommodation for students who have additional needs due to disability. But what about students who struggle academically but who have not connected with disability services?

    In this presentation, the University of Central Florida (UCF) will discuss how they worked with academic services and the athletic department to widen access to literacy software Read & Write and note-taking software Sonocent. You will learn how AT can be used to help a wide body of students overcome their learning challenges and improve fundamental study skills.

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    Title | Trialling Sonocent: How To Train Students And Create A Culture Of Learning Independence

    Time: 2.45 pm

    Structure: 20 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A

    Speaker: Sara Henry, Director of Disability Services, University of Maine

    Session abstract: In this session with Sara Henry, Director of Disability Support Services at the University of Maine, you’ll hear how a world-class university created learning independence for students with disabilities by implementing Sonocent.

    Sara will explain how she went about integrating the software into the university’s support toolkit. Plus, she will share details of the training she put in place to ensure students were able to use Sonocent effectively for note taking and other core study skills.

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    Title | Trialling Sonocent: The Sonocent Pilot Journey And Why It Worked For The University Of North Florida

    Time: 3.30 pm

    Structure: 20 minutes with 10 minutes Q&A

    Speaker: Edward Zirkle, Educational Coordinator, University of North Florida

    Session abstract: Last Fall, the University of North Florida began a semester-long pilot of Sonocent software for note-taking support. Starting the pilot in August 2016, Ed now hopes to purchase additional licenses and begin rolling the software out more widely. But what happened in between times?

    In this session, Edward Zirkle, Educational Coordinator at the University of North Florida’s Disability Resource Center, will talk about why he decided to pilot Sonocent, how he did it, the support he received, and the results that prompted the university to widen access to the software.

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    Followed by a Sonocent 10 year birthday party in the same room 6.00pm - 8.00pm. This networking event will feature free birthday cake and drinks. Register your interest.

    18th January 2017 - 9:30 AM

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