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It's easy and stress free to capture everything from lectures and tutorials with our award-winning dyslexia software

About our dyslexia software.

Stressed out by taking handwritten notes? Struggle to get everything down in fast-moving lectures? With our award-winning dyslexia software you can put your note-taking woes behind you and devote your energies to understanding your course material.

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is a visual workspace for capturing, editing and reviewing recordings of lectures and tutorials. Over 100,000 students with dyslexia have used the software to study with greater confidence... from school level through to university and beyond.

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The Audio Notetaker workspace explained

Recorded or imported audio is visualized phrase-by-phrase as colored chunks, which you can quickly navigate, edit and organize.

Color highlight chunks instead of writing things down. Use color to extract audio, images and text into new projects.

Add notes, summaries and transcriptions.

Import images, slides and PDF documents.

Export your project as text documents, music files or videos.


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    Never miss a thing again

    Say goodbye to chasing down notes from your coursemates because your lecturer was talking too quickly.

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    Shoot for those top grades

    Create super study resources: editable lecture recordings + slides + text notes + images. Ideal for revision and essays.

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    Developed for students with dyslexia

    Every update that we make to our software is informed by feedback from our 100,000 student users.

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    Easy and stress free

    Instead of frantically scribbling away in lectures, you can record everything and highlight the key moments with a click.


Use audio from almost anywhere

Audio Notetaker allows you to work with audio from multiple sources:

• Record directly into the software through your computer’s inbuilt microphone - ideal in meetings or lectures

• Record videos that are playing on your computer and VoIP calls with the Windows version of the software

• Import audio files taken with a digital recorder; we offer special support for many models

• Record and highlight audio with our free companion app, before transferring the file to the software to create your notes


Try it now for free

The best way to see what Audio Notetaker can do is to have a play.

With a free 30-day trial, you can access the full features of the software and try it out in a few classes.

Claiming your trial copy is quick and easy - simply enter your email address and download (we won’t ask for any card details).


What students with dyslexia say about Audio Notetaker.

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    University/College student
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    University/College Student
  • what-students-with-dyslexia-say-about-audio-notetaker1


    University/College student
  • what-students-with-dyslexia-say-about-audio-notetaker1


    University/College Student

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