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Join top schools who have broken down barriers to learning by adding Sonocent to their note-taking support toolkit.

Digitize your note-taking support.

Studies show that students who take effective notes remember much more of what they hear in class. So what does that mean for students who are reliant on someone else to take their notes?

Sonocent was designed to enable students with learning differences to take notes independently. It does this by breaking note taking into manageable steps that place less emphasis on written skills. And it works. Over 120,000 students with learning differences have taken notes independently with Sonocent. Could your students be next?

Trial Sonocent for free. Email independence@sonocent-usa.com or call +1.202.657.4332.

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    Independent note taking

    Sonocent breaks note-taking down into manageable steps that almost any student can perform.

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    Oral essay composition

    Rather than rushing to write everything down, your students can work through their thoughts by speaking, recording, and editing.

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    Effective revision

    Your students can use Sonocent to apply proven revision strategies, including the Cornell method.

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    Presentation practice

    Your students can import their slides into our software, add their script, and record their delivery for review.

Trial Sonocent for free | E: independence@sonocent-usa.com | P: +1.727.474.1118


Sonocent = learning independence

More than 9/10 of our users say they are comfortable taking notes independently now they have Sonocent. Most are students with learning differences, ranging from ADHD to Asperger syndrome. In class, they simply record and highlight the key moments with a click or a tap. Later, they can add detail to these Projects at their own pace.


Sonocent = happier students

For students with learning differences, note taking can be a source of anxiety. But you can change all that with Sonocent. 95% of students say they find it easy to take good notes with the software - up from just 26% from before they started using it.

Note taking strategies: Our proven 4-step formula - explained

Sonocent = better learning outcomes

Your students can achieve more with the notes they take using Sonocent. 

The key moments from classes. Diagrams from whiteboards. Photos and dictations from field trips and placements. Slides, PowerPoints, and PDF handouts...

It's all just a couple of clicks away whenever they need to work on an assignment or revise for a big exam.

In depth | Our desktop software explained


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