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Telephone +1 727 474 1118


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Sonocent LLC
4500 140th Ave North
Suite 101
Florida 33762


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About Sonocent

Humans have been using speech to communicate with each other for tens of thousands of years. Today, we seem to think that all communication needs to be text based, despite the fact that so many people still struggle with reading and writing. We believe that audio could be used instead of text more, if only it were accessible.

We started out with a vision to help dyslexic students through their Higher Education by offering a completely different approach to note-taking; one which didn’t rely on using words at all. Audio Notetaker v1.1 was launched in June 2007, and we soon realised we had conceived a tool that could be used in many different ways.

Since then the company has expanded slowly and organically, without the help of any outside investment. We’re on an exciting journey and we’re not quite sure where it’ll take us. We’re committed to making great software that genuinely helps people.


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Sonocent Ltd.
D1, Joseph's Well,
Leeds, LS3 1AB, United Kingdom.

Sonocent LLC,
4500 140th Ave North, Suite 101
Clearwater, Florida
33762, USA


UK: +44 (0) 113 815 0222

USA: +1 727 474 1118

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