AccessText Webinar | Case Study: Addressing the Shortcomings of Note-Taking Support

Learn how to save time and money on note-taking support while transforming learning outcomes for your students, with Kim Oschenbein, Director of Disability Support Services at Maryville College, Tennessee.

Original Air Date: Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017   
Time: 3:30 - 4:30 PM EDT



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Webinar Description

Does providing peer notetakers eat up time and budget at your institution? Is there a mad rush at the start of each semester to find students willing to help out? When your notetakers actually turn notes in are they often incomplete or illegible?

Over the course of this webinar, you’ll hear how Kim Oschenbein (Director of Disability Support Services, Maryville College) addressed these issues by replacing peer notetakers with Sonocent software for note-taking.

Kim will walk you through the steps she took when trialling Sonocent. She’ll explain how the software helped her students overcome the issues they face with note taking. And she’ll talk about how she’s now making it available to the college’s veterans.

Includes a software demonstration and details of how you can trial Sonocent for free.


Learning Objectives

• Typical shortcomings of traditional note-taking support
• Solutions offered by Sonocent for both students and support staff
• Best practice for implementing Sonocent with a free full-semester trial



Kim Oschenbein, Director of Disability Support Services at Maryville College, Tennessee
Amer Latif, VP of Sales at Sonocent

Also, Freddie Hammond, Client Services Executive at Sonocent will be answering questions throughout in the chat pane.

Webinar Format:

• Introduction
• Kim Oschenbein - 35 mins
• Amer Latif - 15 mins
• Q&A - 10 mins

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