Sonocent Audio Notetaker Version 4.1 for Windows Now Available

Sonocent Audio Notetaker 4.1 is now available to download. The aim of this release is to improve the experience of using the software, and is informed by feedback received from users since the release of Version 4. This release also fixes some minor bugs.

Thank you to all our users for their passion for Audio Notetaker.


New features 

- Enhanced time code management for students and professionals who regularly conduct interviews. This includes the ability to include timecodes in exported files

- Ability to playback in Mono

- New search feature now available, enabling users to find keywords in their text notes

- Ability to import Speechmatics transcriptions

- Refinement of the section break and push text/audio behaviour options to take the selected pane into account

- Changes to colour options on Format menu

- Holding down colour key shortcuts can be used as an alternative to continuous colouring

- Improvements to the messaging that users and administrators see when activating and managing licences

- Improved integration with Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech-to-text software

Fixed bugs:

- Fix issue where the video export exports small images even if medium or large selected

- Fix issue where the video refresh button can be used to load multiple versions of the Home Tab videos

- Fixed a bug where we couldn’t import AAC files that had sample rates of 32KHz or lower on Windows 10

- Fixed message boxes that had missing icons etc. so that they all look correctly like warnings, errors or info boxes

Installation instructions

Download the latest version here


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