Training Resource | 5 Effective Study Strategies with Audio Recordings.

Our latest training resource features 5 study strategies for working effectively with audio recordings using Sonocent software. Check it out now, absolutely free.

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Each strategy in this booklet has been designed by study skills trainers to help students who struggle to work with text. You can print the booklet out and put it into action with your students today. The strategies include:

Audio note taking
For many students, it’s impossible to listen to their professor at the same time as taking comprehensive notes. But with Sonocent they can take a recording and annotate the audio in real-time, creating brilliant study resources with a few clicks or taps.

Oral composition
Some students are able to express themselves verbally with great facility, but structuring written work is another matter entirely. With Sonocent they can scaffold the writing process by dictating first, listening back to the audio and restructuring, before transcribing.

Presentation practice
Standing up and presenting their ideas in front of class is kryptonite for some students. But with Sonocent they can practice their presentation thoroughly first, importing their slides, capturing their delivery and refining until perfect.

For a limited time, we’re offering institutions the chance to pilot 25 Sonocent software licenses free for a full semester. To register your interest, email or call 202 657 4332.

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