Tech Review | ‘The Codpast’ Look at Audio Clean-Up Tools in Sonocent.

For students and professionals who struggle to take written notes, recording lectures and meetings offers another way. But what if the sound quality of those recordings leaves much to be desired?

Well, as The Codpast, an online publication for students and adults with dyslexia, explain in this video, the Sonocent Clear Lecture™ audio suite now available with Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows and Mac “can be like first aid for your recordings.”



What does Sonocent Clear Lecture™ do?

Purpose-developed in-house, Sonocent Clear Lecture™ is optimised for students who use our software to record and take audio notes in lecture theatres.

But it will also significantly enhance recordings taken in professional environments such as meeting rooms and conference halls.

You’ll find Sonocent Clear Lecture™ under the Audio Clean-Up menu with Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows and Mac.

Sonocent founder Roger Tucker on the science behind Sonocent Clear Lecture™

May 25

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