Support Professionals’ Questions Answered | New Mac Update.

As you may have heard, we’re releasing a major update to Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Mac.

Below is some useful information about the update for anyone who supports students with the Mac version of our software. If you have further questions, feel free to email us on


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Why is the update good news for students?

The forthcoming Mac update includes a host of new features previously only available to Windows’ users. This includes a user-friendly software interface that makes it easy for students to create and utilize richly detailed projects.


When will the update be available?

The Mac update will be available to new users from January 9th.


How can students get the update?

The software simply needs to be installed and activated on their computer after January 9th. Existing users will receive an in-software notification about the update in the next few weeks, and they can also download it from the 9th at


Which version of MacOS will it work with?

The update is compatible with MacOS 10.9 and later.


What should students do if they have an older version of MacOS?

Previous versions of our software can be downloaded here.


Will existing users have to pay for the update?

No. All our updates are free to existing users.


What new features will the update include?

The update includes many of the features that you’ll be familiar with from the Windows’ version:


A NEW Home Tab: create and manage projects with a few clicks

• A NEW Project Tab: simpler to use and rich with new features

• Editable Color Keys: add layers of meaning to audio and text

• Export As Album: instantly create resources to review on the go

• Sonocent Clear LectureTM: powerful noise cancellation and audio enhancement features

• Speak: integrated speech-to-text functionality

• Themes: customize the look and feel of the software for accessibility

• Transfer: transfer files from the Sonocent Recorder mobile app by wifi

• Audio Replace: replace your recording with a higher quality recording from an alternative source, while maintaining your annotations



• Voice Shift

• Screen Capture

• Easier access to Font options and lists

• Section Time Codes

• Speechmatics Transcription Import

• Quick entry of text from Audio Pane

and more...


What training resources are available to students?

From the new Home Tab, your students can access:

• ‘How to’ videos

• An interactive tutorial

• Example files

• A comprehensive User Guide

• Links to social media, including our YouTube channel

Plus we have a busy program of short and snappy training webinars planned throughout January. These will equip students with a proven formula for taking brilliant notes with Sonocent on Mac and PC. 

View our forthcoming student training webinars


Further questions about the Mac update?

Feel free to email us with general queries on Or, if you require technical support, email our friendly support team on

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