Study Tips | 5 Ways the Sonocent Link App Helps DSA Students

Sonocent Link for iOS and Android now comes as standard with both Sonocent product offerings for the DSA. The app includes premium note-taking features that enable students to colour-annotate and review audio recordings with their smartphone or tablet.

Here are five ways Sonocent Link helps DSA students study more effectively and overcome barriers to learning.


1. Students can capture and annotate audio with ease

Sonocent Link enables students who may struggle with note taking to quickly and easily colour highlight key moments of audio while they record.

This reduces the demands on working memory, meaning that students can actively engage with information presented in lectures, seminars and tutorials. 95% of students say they “find it easy to take good notes” with Sonocent*.

Infographic | 98% of Students Would Recommend Sonocent to a Coursemate


2. Students can review full recordings on-the-go

With Sonocent Link, students can listen back to unlimited audio directly on their smartphone or tablet, adding more detail as they review.

This gives students far greater flexibility in how they choose to use Sonocent. Now they can work with their recordings both on and off campus, listening again to the significant moments within hours of first hearing them, which studies show is the key to committing new material to the long-term memory.

News | Sonocent Software Now Available On the Day of the Assessment


3. Students can begin to create handy resources for revision and assignments

With Sonocent Link, students can supplement their audio recordings with photos, images and text to best support their learning style.

They can also create custom Colour Keys for individual course modules. This will enable them to pick out key themes throughout the semester, giving them a head start in preparing for exams and assignments.

Plus they can assign colours to deadlines and information about exams to help them stay organised throughout the academic year.

custom colour key


4. The app allows for discreet and distraction-free recording

For students prone to distraction or sensory overload, Sonocent Link includes a ‘Glance Mode’ feature that students can use to take distraction-free recordings.

In Glance Mode, the student can colour highlight and add section breaks with one or two taps, while the screen remains blank. That way they can give full focus to the speaker.

Glance Mode is really handy for recording primary research interviews, or other participatory learning sessions such as tutorials, seminars and workshops.

Study Strategy | How Sonocent Helps Students Stay Focused in Lectures

Glance Mode Screenshot


5. Students can be confident of good audio quality

Sonocent Link features powerful audio-enhancement technology which is applied to recordings automatically and has been specifically designed for recording in lecture theatres.

What’s more, once they have transferred their file to Sonocent Audio Notetaker on their desktop, students will have access to our full Sonocent Clear LectureTM audio enhancement suite, which features options for cleaning up any potentially distracting background noise.

Tech Spotlight | Sonocent Clear Lecture™ Audio Enhancement Suite


Want to learn more about Sonocent Link? Attend this upcoming FREE webinar for DSA professionals:

Webinar | Breaking Down Barriers on Campus and Beyond with the Sonocent Link App


*Statistic is taken from a survey of 1,690 students with Sonocent Audio Notetaker Licences

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