Study Tips | 5 Simple Steps to Super Notes with the Sonocent Link App


Do you record your lectures? Tired of lugging your laptop around campus every day? Enter Sonocent Link, our premium mobile app for the DSA. It transforms your smartphone or tablet into a powerful tool for recording and study.

To help you create super useful notes with Sonocent Link, we’ve compiled this ‘how to’ article, complete with explanatory screengrabs. But first thing’s first, if you qualify for the app through the DSA, you can download Sonocent Link here.


1. Spend Some Time On Preparation

To ensure the recordings you take with Sonocent Link are packed with meaning, spend a little time creating a Colour Key that you will use to mark up the key moments of your audio. To create a new Colour Key, select: Settings > Edit Colour Keys > +

It’s a good idea to create a new Colour Key for each subject area of your course. Each colour can then relate to course-specific information, with additional colours for marking up deadlines.

When labelling your colours, think what sort of information you will want to track down when you work on an assignment or revise for an exam.

Below is an example of a Colour Key created for a module called 'Poverty, Homelessness & Supported Housing' by a student on a Politics and Social Policy degree. They have added labels for topic-specific information, such as examples of elitism, and other labels for deadlines and information to review.

Sonocent Link Colour Key

2. Colour Highlight as You Listen

Colour highlighting with Sonocent software is so simple that you can do it as you listen, without losing focus on what’s being said. And it’s no different with Sonocent Link...

Tap the colour buttons whenever you hear something that matches the labels of your Colour Key. If the Colour Key you want isn’t set as the default, select it from the Settings menu.

3. Break Audio Down Into Sections

Every time your lecturer moves onto a new topic, tap the Section button to insert a break into your recording.


Breaking your recording down into sections will make it easier to navigate to the sections of audio that you want to listen back to after the lecture. Think of each section as the audio equivalent of a paragraph in a book and each colour highlight as a markup made with a highlighter pen.


Highlighting text by hand and digitally


4. Add Images alongside Your Recording

You’ll find Sonocent Link particularly handy for recording unobtrusively in tutorials, debates and seminars. Adding photos of diagrams and notes from the whiteboard is as easy as pie too. Just click the camera icon and take your snap - it will show up in the Image Pane when you transfer your file to Sonocent Audio Notetaker on your desktop.

5. Review Your Recording and Transfer the File to Your Desktop

There will be times you want to review your recording before you return home from campus. Sonocent Link comes with premium features that make it easy to do just that. With the app, you can listen back to full audio recordings on your smartphone or tablet and make additional colour highlights as you go.

When you are ready to transfer your file to Sonocent Audio Notetaker on your desktop, you have three simple options (click the image to download the infographic):


Transfer Infographic


As you’ll see from the example project below, your highlighted audio and images will now be aligned. This is a good time to write text summaries of the original audio. Studies show that students who summarise information in their own words are more likely to remember it.

Audio Notetaker Project


Wondering what to do next? Check out this video on how to utilise your Sonocent projects.

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