[Study Strategy] Taking Notes with Our Free App for iOS and Android.

Students who struggle to concentrate in class can stay engaged by recording and annotating audio with a tap, using our free companion app for iOS and Android.

After class, they can listen back to the key moments from their recording and take detailed notes at their own pace.

It’s a strategy that works.

In our 2016 user survey, 96% of student respondents said they “find it easy” to take notes with Sonocent.

Here’s our simple step-by-step study strategy to taking notes with our free app for iOS and Android.


1. Create a custom Color Key before class

(i) Download our free Sonocent Recorder companion app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

(ii) Select Settings > Edit Color Key. Assign colors to individual topics and include a color for marking up deadlines and other information pertaining to assignments.

Customized Color Key in Sonocent Recorder


2. Record and annotate in class

(i) Press the Record button to start recording the speaker.

(ii) Tap the color buttons on the screen to mark up parts of the audio that are worth revisiting.

Tap the section break button whenever the speaker moves on to a new topic.

Add photos of diagrams from the whiteboard or textbooks alongside the audio, by tapping the image button.

Sonocent Recorder file with images and colour highlighted audio


3. Transfer files to Sonocent Audio Notetaker

(i) Transfer files to Sonocent Audio Notetaker on the desktop by wifi, USB, or The Cloud.

(ii) Listen back to the audio highlighted in class and add text summaries in the Text Pane.

Infographic | How to Transfer Files from Our App to the Desktop Software


Keen to learn more?

Dig deeper into the many ways in which Sonocent helps students study more effectively on our YouTube channel.


Support students who struggle with note taking?

Trial 25 Sonocent Audio Notetaker licenses for free over a full semester at your college. Email us for more information on better-notes@sonocent.com.

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