Sonocent Clear Lecture™ included with Sonocent Audio Notetaker 4.2 for Windows

Audio quality is of paramount importance for students who take recordings of lectures, seminars and other educational instruction.

Which is why we developed a unique range of powerful noise cancellation and audio enhancement features for Sonocent Audio Notetaker 4.1 for Windows.

And now, for the release of Audio Notetaker 4.2 for Windows (coming soon for Mac), we’ve made further refinements, added new features and christened the audio suite Sonocent Clear LectureTM.

Sonocent founder Roger Tucker on the science behind Sonocent Clear Lecture™


What does Sonocent Clear Lecture™ do?

Purpose-developed in house, Sonocent Clear Lecture™ is optimised for students who use our software to record and take audio notes in lecture theatres.

But it will also significantly enhance recordings taken in professional environments such as meeting rooms and conference halls.

You’ll find Sonocent Clear Lecture™ under the Audio Clean-Up menu with our latest free update of Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows - available now.

Sonocent founder Roger Tucker on the science behind Sonocent Clear Lecture™

Audio Quality Features


What features does it include?

Sonocent Clear Lecture™ includes the following features:

o   Noise Cancellation

o   Click Reduction

o   Low Frequency Cut

o   High Frequency Cut


o   Thinner

o   Brighter


o   Adjust Volume Automatically

o   Playback in Mono


Here’s a little more about how they work:

• Low Frequency Cut reduces rumbles and thuds

• High Frequency Cut removes annoying high pitch sounds

• Pre-set audio quality settings have been increased (for further details see the Options menu)

• Adjust Volume Automatically and Low Frequency cut are now set to “on” by default

• Use Playback Settings for Export (Export Menu) is also set to “on” by default and will automatically apply any audio effects to your exported audio

• Adjust Volume Automatically has been extended to set the voice at a comfortable listening level while keeping the background noise in the background

• Thinner gradually reduces the volume of lower frequencies and is useful when the speaker’s voice sounds “boomy” (e.g when recorded in a room with a PA)

Sonocent founder Roger Tucker on the science behind Sonocent Clear Lecture™


Other changes with Sonocent Audio Notetaker 4.2 for Windows

• Better support for high resolution devices, such as the Surface Pro 4

• Refinements to the software’s user interface, allowing easier access to important functions such as Extract text

• Improvements to accessibility, including better support for screen readers, whitespace control, additional voice effects and cross-integration of Sonocent dictionaries with Microsoft Word


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