Poll | Recruiting Peer Notetakers the “Biggest Shortcoming” of Note-Taking Support.

The time it takes to recruit peer notetakers is the biggest issue with how colleges provide note-taking support, our latest survey of disability support professionals has revealed.

During our AccessText webinar on the shortcomings of traditional note-taking support on May 23, we took a snapshot revealing how support professionals feel about the current state of play.

And of the 186 professionals who responded to the survey, nearly one in three (30.1%) say that the time it takes to recruit peer notetakers places an unacceptably heavy burden on themselves and their team.

Meanwhile, 28.5% say that their main concern is the quality of notes provided by peer notetakers, with legibility a particular issue.

By comparison, 17.2% of respondents cited the time they spend chasing up notes from peer notetakers as the biggest issue with note-taking support, while 13.4% were most concerned about students being unable to take notes independently.

Surprisingly, just 10.8% of the professionals polled pointed to the cost of paying paid peer notetakers as the number one issue with how colleges currently support their students.


The biggest issues with note-taking support according to disability support professionals:



Common issues with note-taking support


So, what do you think is the biggest shortcoming with how colleges currently provide note-taking support? Let us know on Twitter or email us at better-notes@sonocent-usa.com.


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