Note taking: why it’s important and how Sonocent helps students do it better

Do your students struggle to take notes effectively?

• Do they find it hard to capture all the important points?

• Do they focus so hard on writing/typing that they can’t really listen?

• Do they have a tough time making sense of what they’ve written?

• Do they spend too long digging around for information at revision time?


Why is note taking so hard?

In a nutshell, there is just too much to do at once:

• Listening and analysis

• Identifying the important information

• Writing or typing clear summaries of the material

Taking notes while trying to listen is like taking notes on a book while someone else turns the pages. It’s difficult and deeply frustrating.

A reminder of why note taking is so important

Time and again, studies show that better notes lead to better grades*.

That’s because effective note-taking involves active learning, which is proven to aid understanding and recall.

Active learning happens when a student:

  1. Thinks about what they are hearing

  2. Summarises it in their own words, as notes

  3. Interacts with their original notes “many times over to build memory of the content”**

Why does our software lead to better notes?

So what is the Sonocent approach to note taking?

It’s saying, ‘this is too much to do at once; surely technology can help us do it better’.

Our software does this by breaking note-taking down into more manageable steps:

  1. Recording and annotating

  2. Reviewing and summarising

This short video outlines the approach:


Is there any proof that it works?

Students tell us that our software enables them to study independently, boosts their confidence and takes the pain out of note taking.

The results of our most recent user survey provide more evidence of the software’s efficacy:

PDF Download: 2015 Sonocent user survey


Okay, sounds good. What next?

• Check out useful Sonocent resources

• Find out more about Sonocent Audio Notetaker

• Download a free 30-day trial of the software

• Contact us to discuss your requirements


“Unbelievably useful for so many reasons. It allows me to keep up in class, enables me to work anywhere and guarantees accurate note taking in lectures, even on one of my bad days.”

Emma Constable, student


*Titsworth, B.S. (2001). The effects of teacher immediacy, use of organizational lecture cues and students’ note-taking on cognitive learning. Communication Education, 50, 283-297.

**Brown, C (2015). What’s the best, most effective way to take notes? The Conversation.

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