NEW Webinar Series: Helping Students Build Effective Study Habits.

Back in January, we launched our Sonocent 101 webinar series.

Fun, free, interactive and clocking in at under 30-minutes, these webinars were designed to give students a proven formula for effective note taking.

The Sonocent 101 webinars are proving so popular that we’ve looked at how else we can help students build effective study habits…

Sonocent 201. Build effective study habits

Introducing ‘Sonocent 201’ webinars - featuring practical strategies for studying smarter

Sonocent software is about more than note taking.

In fact, the software is a study hub where students can quickly pull together and utilize all sorts of material for revision, assignments and more.

And our Sonocent 201 webinars have been designed to show them how to go about it…

Sonocent 201 webinars are:

• Free to attend for all students

• Short and snappy - 30-minutes or less

• Interactive - ask your questions in the chat pane

• Proven - every study strategy was devised by accredited study skills trainers

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             Raise your grades with Sonocent


First up… Revising Effectively with Sonocent Software

With Sonocent software, students can create super study resources combining:

Editable recordings of spoken instruction

Diagrams from whiteboards and text books

Photos and dictations from field trips and placements

Slides, powerpoints and PDF handouts

The first in our series of Sonocent 201 webinars will equip students with a proven strategy for creating these resources and utilizing them for revision.

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Discover how to use Sonocent software to:

• Pull together all the information you need on a topic

• Take Cornell notes and create powerful memory triggers

• Turn your revision material into a podcast - revise on the go

• Utilize images and video to win the memory game

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Liam at his laptop with headset


Meet your host

Our Sonocent 201 webinars are delivered by Liam Kelly, our study skills guru. He has trained literally hundreds of students in how to use Sonocent software, so you’re in safe hands.

• Email Liam:

• Tweet Liam: @Sonocent_Liam

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