Infographic | Improve Audio Quality with These Simple Methods

Further to our How to Take Clear Lecture Recordings article, we've created a handy infographic that will help students ensure good audio quality in lecture theatres.

Whether you record your lectures using a smartphone, iPad, laptop or DVR, there are three simple questions you can ask yourself every time to make your recordings clearer in every class:

• Is your recording device of high quality (e.g. a fairly new smartphone)?
• Is there likely to be ambient background noise (e.g. chatter from coursemates)?
• Are you sat at the front of the lecture theatre in that class?


Audio Quality Chart

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What is the 'Audio Replace' Tool?

Within Sonocent Audio Notetaker you can record, highlight and make notes using one device, such as a laptop as normal. Then, a better recording may become available because someone had a recordng device at the front of the lecture theatre or the university has provided you with an official lecture recording. The Audio Replace tool allows you to replace your initial audio recording with the better recording now available without losing any of your highlighting, photos, slides or notes. The project will stay the same but with your newly-imported audio.

Learn how to use Audio Replace


What is the Clear Lecture™ suite?

Sonocent Clear Lecture™ has been developed in-house to optimise our software for students recording and taking audio notes in lecture theatres. It significantly enhances recordings taken in professional environments such as lecture theatres, meeting rooms and conference halls and can be found under the Audio Clean-Up menu on the latest Windows version of the software (version 4.2).

For more information on the Clear Lecture suite, read our Clear Lecture explanation blog.


Is any of this equipment available through the DSA?

Helpful items such as battery packs, directional analogue microphones, external sound cards and DVRs can be available from the DSA. For more information on the items that we recommend using with Sonocent Audio Notetaker, please see our new DSA products.

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