Recorded Webinar | How One School Aided Transition by Digitizing Note-Taking Support.

Convinced that students need to develop effective study skills if they are to succeed in their degree program and beyond?

This webinar tells the story of University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) free trial of Sonocent software. You’ll hear how the software aided transition by enabling students to take comprehensive, meaningful notes, completely independently.



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Webinar Transcript


Our co-presenter for this webinar was Jessi Wright, assistive technology specialist at UAB.

The session covered:

• UAB’s reasons for trialling Sonocent for a semester

• An overview of the process of implementing Sonocent

• How Sonocent enables almost any student to take notes independently

• The impact Sonocent had on student independence, grades, and the administration of note-taking support at UoAB


Interested in trialling Sonocent for free?

PDF: How does the free trial work?



May 25

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