Free Webinar | How University of Dayton Utilized AT to Solve the Note-Taking Problem

Do traditional forms of note-taking support give students true access to their lectures? Or are students who receive notes from a human note taker missing out a key stage in the learning process? Find out by signing up to our upcoming webinar!

Time and Date:

Wednesday the 25th of October 2017 3:30 PM
in Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)


Webinar description

In this session, Robert Spangler (Office of Learning Resources, The University of Dayton in Ohio) will explain how he went about replacing peer notetakers with inclusive note-taking technology that enables students with disabilities to take notes independently, following a methodology founded upon active learning.

The session will include a demonstration of how your students can use note-taking technology to capture and annotate audio in class, then revisit the material at their own pace, creating richly detailed notes with minimal support.

Data points will be provided showing how this approach can impact learning outcomes, including retention.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to register their interest in trialling Sonocent note-taking software for free over the Spring 2018 semester.

Learning Objectives

Understand how AT can work as the primary source for note-taking accommodations

Understand how an institution can achieve the objective of “empowering the student to be independent”

Identify the 4-step process for taking notes with Sonocent that has been shown to improve GPA and create learning independence

Webinar Hosts:

Robert Sprangler, Office of Learning Resources, The University of Dayton

Amer Latif, VP of Sales, Sonocent

Oct 16

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