Free Training Webinars | Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Mac v4, A Demonstration

Are you looking for a practical introduction to the new features available with our forthcoming update for Mac?


Our upcoming free training webinars are here to help.

• Monday 16th January, 12.00-13.00: Book now

• Tuesday 17th January, 13.00-14.00: Book now

• Thursday 2nd February, 15.00-16.00: Book now


An engaging demo of how to create and utilise brilliant notes with our new Mac software and mobile app, the webinar will cover:

• A guide to the recording equipment and software available with Sonocent in 2017

• An introduction to the new features available for Mac

• A demonstration of the new Mac version

• How to use the new Mac version to create notes:

      • Capture (How do I record?)

      • Annotate (How do I make this recording meaningful to me?)

      • Review (What do I do with the recording once I have it?)

      • Engage (How will this project help me study?)

Liam CARE process

• Results of our latest user survey

• Time for your questions


Upcoming webinars:

• Monday 16th January, 12.00-13.00: Book now

• Tuesday 17th January, 13.00-14.00: Book now

• Thursday 2nd February, 15.00-16.00: Book now



A bit about your host

A new member of the team Sonocent, Helena Harrison is our Training and Accounts Manager and one of our Sonocent Associates. Since 2004, she has trained and supported students in a range of assistive technology.

In addition to her work with Sonocent, Helena is a group facilitator for AT trainers in the Devon area.


Download the new Mac update

Existing Mac user? Why not download the latest version from January 9th: Download


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Audio Notetaker encourages greater student engagement - and retention and attainment as a result #EdTech #HigherEd

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