CSUN Conference 2017 | UDL Provided Lectures Using Sonocent Audio Notetaker with Brian Krause

For this presentation at CSUN Conference 2017, El Camino College's Brian Krause and Tiffanie Lau will demonstrate how an instructor at their college delivers lectures using a variety of educational and assistive technology tools such as PowerPoint, Sonocent Audio Notetaker and Dragon Naturally Speaking to create powerful learning strategies for all learners. 

This session is directed toward anyone seeking resources available for instructors to use in the classroom and can be adopted as part of a wider commitment to unviersal design for learning. With an emphasis on a multi-media approach to learning, this demonstration of one effective practice is also ideal for those interested in providing students with an alternative to current note-taking methods including the transcription of digitally recorded lectures into text.


Date: Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Time: 3:20 PM PST 

Room Location: La Jolla A, 2nd Floor, Seaport Tower  

Conference Location: Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel San Diego, CA

Keywords: Education, Higher Education, Emerging Assistive Technology

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• Brian Krause, Alt Media/A.T. Specialist at El Camino College

• Tiffanie Lau, LD Specialist and Educational Development professor at El Camino College

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