[Study Strategy] Converting Text Into Interactive Audio Resources with Sonocent.

Handouts, textbooks, journal articles… there’s so much to read throughout college.

That’s fine for students with a strong preference for learning through reading and writing.

But what about students whose strength lies in learning concepts through listening and speaking?

Sonocent has the answer.

With the software, students can transform text-heavy documents into interactive auditory learning resources with just a few clicks.

Then they can listen back and annotate the key moments with the software’s color highlighting tools.

Here’s our simple step-by-step study strategy to creating interactive audio resources with Sonocent.


1. Extract text from lengthy PDFs

(i) Open a blank project in Sonocent Audio Notetaker.

(ii) Import accessible PDFs of journal articles/ebook chapters/handouts.

(iii) Click Extract text all slides on the sidebar and the software will extract the text from the PDFs into the Reference Pane.

Extract the text from the PDFs


2. Play back text as speech and color highlight

(i) Select Speak > Send All Speech to Audio Pane.

(ii) Press Play and listen as the software reads out the text. Highlight key information in color.

(iii) Select Speak > Speech Settings to tweak the read back speed.

(iv) Use the Extract tool to cherry pick highlighted audio from articles. Collate with related audio from classroom recordings and dictations. Utilize for revision and assignments.

Select the Speak tool to play back text as audio

Keen to learn more?

Dig deeper into the many ways in which Sonocent helps students study more effectively on our YouTube channel.


Support students who struggle with reading text-heavy documents?

Trial 25 Sonocent software licenses for free over a full semester at your college. Email us for more information on better-notes@sonocent.com.

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