Audio Notetaker Student Survey 2014 – The Results Are In

We recently surveyed 716 student users of Audio Notetaker to discover how they use the software and whether it helps support them in their studies. Here's what we found out.

Frequently used

We are often asked whether students use Audio Notetaker regularly, or if it just becomes one more forgotten shortcut on their desktop.

So it was encouraging to see that 70.5% of the students who participated in the survey reported using the software at least once a week.

This suggests that utilising the features of Audio Notetaker quickly becomes part of the process students follow when exploring a new topic, writing an essay or revising for an exam.


Better notes

As part of the survey, we asked the students if they agreed with the following 7 statements about the impact of Audio Notetaker on their studies:

• My notes were organised and easy to find.

• My notes were clear and easy to read.

• My notes captured all the important points.

• I could find the important points in my notes.

• I was able to take notes independently.

• I was confident that my notes would help me study.

• I found it easier and more worthwhile to make notes.

Strikingly, only 32.6% of the students agreed that these statements applied to them before they started using the software. While no fewer than 90% said that the statements applied now that they do so!


Uses of Audio Notetaker

Something else that jumps out at us from the results of the survey are the many ways in which students choose to use Audio Notetaker.

For instance, while the majority of the students use the software to take better notes, a significant percentage (48.7%) also rely on it as a revision aid.

Another point of difference applies to the way that students record their lectures.

According to the survey, 41% record directly into Audio Notetaker with their laptop – a method which enables them to annotate their recording and highlight important phrases while listening to their lecturer.


Going mobile?

Given that most students now own a smart phone and many also have a tablet device, it is puzzling how few record lectures this way.

Indeed, of the students surveyed, only 11.8% reported using their mobile phone to record audio.

One explanation is that the quality of recordings taken on mobiles devices remains an issue – or that the students perceive it to be so.

However, the sheer convenience of recording with a mobile device – rather than lugging a laptop into college or university – would suggest that it is only a matter of time become this method becomes the norm.

What’s more, when we asked the students if they would consider using our free, new app for iPhone, iPod and iPad to take recordings, 81% replied that they would be keen to do so.


Over to you

Are you a student with Audio Notetaker? Or an educator who is considering recommending it to students? What do you think about the software? Let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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