AHEAD Webinar: How to Improve Student Retention by Digitizing Notetaking Accommodations.

Students with disabilities are 50% less likely to graduate than their peers. So a key question for disability support staff is how to improve retention.

This was the topic of our webinar last week with Edward Beason, Assistant Director at the Office of Disability Services, Tennessee Technical University.

He was joined by Laura Haughton, Academic Coordinator at the college, who worked directly with the students involved.

"Of the students to who we gave the software, we didn't have a single one who didn't increase their GPA." Edward Beason, TTU


Watch the webinar recording:

As this webinar was highly oversubscribed, we are inviting everyone who missed it to watch it online:

How to Improve Student Retention by Digitizing Notetaking Accommodations with Tennessee Tech University


For more information about what was covered in the webinar, please read on. 


Webinar overview:

In this webinar Edward Beaston and Laura Haughton discuss their experience of implementing Sonocent software for note taking at Tennessee Technological University. This graph below shows the difference it made to student GPA.

GPA Increase Chart

Topics covered:

• How by using AT, students with disabilities can take notes independently

• Why actively engaging with content in lectures leads to better learning outcomes

• The Sonocent CARE process for breaking note taking down into manageable stages explained

• How institutions such as Tennessee Technological University have implemented digital note-taking provisions on campus 

• How support staff at Tennessee Technological University got buy-in for digitizing note taking from colleagues and students

• How Edward and Laura worked together, uniting management and training services


Host profiles:

Edward Beaston is the Assistant Director at the Office of Disability Services at the Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. He has worked at Tennessee Tech University for the past eleven years and has served in a variety of capacities, including working in the library media center, as a faculty member in the history department, and currently serves as the Assistant Director of Disability Services. He is interested in digital accessibility along with classroom and instructional technology. Since his appointment in Disability Services, he has worked to implement initiatives that incorporate technology as an avenue of improving retention rates, academic performance, and the overall experience for students attending Tennessee Tech University.

Laura Haughton is the Academic Coordinator at the Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee. 

Dave Tucker is Director at British educational technology firm, Sonocent. Founded by his entrepreneur-technologist father Roger Tucker, Dave joined Sonocent in 2010, helping to grow the business into an award-winning company with over 110,000 customers worldwide. With a degree in Japanese under his belt, and describing himself as ‘intellectually curious’, Dave is a champion of the spoken word and has dedicated his career to helping students and professionals alike fully harness its potential to transform the way they work.



Original Air Date: Wednesday 27th April at 3pm ET

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