Article | 5 Ways Sonocent Transforms Speech Into a Powerful Resource for Learning

Technology evolves so rapidly that it can be difficult to keep track of what distinguishes one tool from another.

On the face of it, several software products might seem to do a similar job. But when you dig deeper you find they have been designed to solve very different problems.


AT professional ponders different study tools


So what sets Sonocent apart from other note-taking and study tools?

The answer is that all Sonocent software is designed to help students effectively utilise speech for learning.

Why is this so important?

Here’s the thing. Speech is a valuable learning resource. Most instruction at university is imparted orally. And the most natural way of expressing what we know is to talk it through.


Delivering a speech


Given that speech is so integral to learning, isn’t it strange that our education system still places such an emphasis on text? For generations of students, there have been only two (ineffective) options for working with spoken information:

a. trying to write down summaries of what they hear at the same time as hearing the information for the very first time - almost impossible!

b. spending tedious and unproductive hours transcribing long and inaccessible audio recordings.

Sonocent changes that. Here is a quick reminder of the five ways the software transforms speech into a powerful resource for learning.


1. Add meaning to audio recordings, in the moment

Sonocent software features a unique algorithm which visualises each phrase of recorded speech as an editable chunk. Students can mark these chunks up with meaningful colours as they listen, much as they would highlight key phrases from a textbook with a marker pen.

After taking their recording, students can go straight back to the key moments that they highlighted and summarise the material directly alongside the original audio.

Like all effective note-taking strategies, this involves active and not passive learning - which is proven to help students remember more of what they hear.

Video | How does Sonocent help students take better notes?


Normal Highlighting Vs. Digital Highlighting



2. Cherry-pick and collate information for a range of study tasks

Sonocent is not just about audio. It’s a multimodal study tool that enables students of all learning styles to create study resources, comprising editable audio, text, images and slides.

With Sonocent, students can quickly categorise text and audio with colour and then collate specific subject material for assignments, revision and research projects.

Plus, they can export the projects they create as text documents, music albums or videos. Below is an example of an iTunes album created with Sonocent for revision purposes.

Video | How to use Sonocent for essay creation


itunes project exported from Sonocent Audio Notetaker
click on the image to view



3. Capture and utilise audio from multiple sources

With a click or a tap, students can use Sonocent software to capture high-quality recordings of lectures, tutorials, practicals, presentations and more on their laptop, smartphone or tablet.

But that’s not all. They can also capture and annotate audio from all sorts of online resources, including lecture capture recordings, TedTalks, podcasts and audiobooks. Below is a project comprising audio and screengrabs from an online video.

Video | How to use Sonocent to work with online videos


Video project in Sonocent Audio Notetaker
click on the image to view



4. Transform text-heavy documents into accessible audio

For some students, it’s a challenge to read and extract the salient points from lengthy e-journals, handouts and e-book chapters.

But with Sonocent, they can extract all the text from these documents with a click and hear it read back using the software’s Speak tool.

Once again, Sonocent transforms this listening into an active learning process, by enabling the student to highlight the key parts of audio with meaningful colours.

Video | How to work with written research materials using Sonocent


Extracting text and audio speech from slides in Sonocent Audio Notetaker
click on the image to view



5. Significantly enhance audio quality with a unique toolkit

The culmination of years of in-house R&D, Sonocent Clear LectureTM is a unique suite of audio-processing tools designed to optimise the quality of recordings taken in lecture theatres.

Now included as standard with Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows and Mac, features include:

• Clean up background noise and keyboard clicks

• Automatic volume adjustment, dialling up the volume of the lecturer’s voice on quiet recordings.

Tech spotlight | Sonocent Clear Lecture™ audio enhancement suite


Clear Lecture Suit of Tools


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