Tips & Tricks | 4 Simple Steps to Creating Super-Useful Notes with Sonocent.

Every day, we hear all sorts of things that we’ll want to remember. So we take notes. But it’s not easy to get everything down in writing as well as trying to listen. And once the moment is gone, it’s gone forever. Fortunately, Sonocent makes note taking simple, and here’s how to go about it.


Step 1: Take Your Recording

Planning to record with your laptop? Make sure to sit as close as possible to the speaker. Then select ‘Blank project’ from the software Home Tab and hit the RECORD button. Use the IMPORT tool to add slides and images alongside your recording.

Prefer to record with your mobile device? Download our free Sonocent Recorder companion app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Tap the RECORD button.

VIDEO: Capturing Information with Sonocent


Using Sonocent in Lectures


Step 2: Markup the Key Audio

There’s no need to take written notes at the time. Focus on what the speaker is saying and make meaningful annotations, as you listen. Our software comes pre-loaded with Color Keys that you can use to markup the moments of your recording that you will want to return to.

Make sure to break up your recording into sections by hitting ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or by tapping twice on your smartphone. Do this every time the speaker moves on to a new topic.

VIDEO: Annotating Audio with Sonocent


Sonocent Audio Notetaker Workspace


Step 3: Revisit and Add Detail

You could revisit your Project many times to create a comprehensive information resource on a topic. Or you could simply follow Steps 1 and 2, and refer to your project when you need to.

We recommend listening back to the audio that you highlighted at the time and typing or recording summaries directly alongside. Summarising in your own words is proven to help with remembering new information1.

INFOGRAPHIC: Transferring Files from our App to your Desktop

VIDEO: Reviewing Your Sonocent Projects


Screenshot of Sonocent Dashboard


Step 4: Utilize your Projects

Sonocent makes it simple to utilize the information from your Projects for written work or to master the material on an individual topic.

Use the EXTRACT tool to pull information from your Projects into new Project files. And use the EXPORT tool to turn your Projects into text documents, music albums, or videos.

VIDEO: Engaging with your Sonocent Projects


Exporting a Lecture Recording from Sonocent to Itunes


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1. Active Learning: Creating Excitement in the Classroom, Charles C. Bonwell, James A. Eison

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