13 Brilliant Apps that every Student should Download Today

With the help of these apps, it will be easier to keep on top of your course material, become a model of good organisation, take brilliant notes in lectures and more.


iPhone and iPad, £6.99

This is Apple’s native word-processing app on Mac and iOS and a very handy way of organising your course material.

With Pages, there’s no need to buy a thick pad of paper for each module. Just create individual folders within the app and away you go.

If you have a Mac, iCloud will synchronise all of your work across your devices so you won’t ever lose those valuable lecture notes.

Best of all, Pages is compatible with Word documents and PDFs. So if you have a coursemate who is too “tired” to get out of bed for a lecture, seminar or tutorial -- and you’re feeling in a particularly generous mood -- you can email them your notes without worrying about PC/Mac faffery.



A companion app for iPhoto on the Mac

Bored of the limited features that come with the Photos app on your iPhone? Want to create personal albums and online journals immortalising field trips, life in halls, the triumphs of your uni sports team or epic nights on the tiles?

With iPhoto, you can take the editing, storing and sharing of your iPhone’s camera pics to another level.


WhatsApp Messenger

iPhone and Android, Free

A quintessential addition to any smartphone, this app makes staying in contact with ALL your friends a whole lot easier.

Are you an iOS person with friends who have Android phones (or vica versa)? Sick of paying to send picture messages to them? Annoyed that they can’t join your iMessage group conversations? WhatsApp Messenger addresses all of these first-world problems for students in one fell swoop.

The app can help out with your studies too. Let’s say you have some group work to do and you want to create a group conversation without having to add people on Facebook. WhatsApp Messenger to the rescue!



iPhone, iPad and Android, Price varies

The definitive file-sharing and storage system for near enough all your docs. Save your coursework, assignments, journals, photos, course material and more to Dropbox and it will be safe and sound if your computer goes kaput.

Better still, Dropbox offers free file-storage increases for students. This could be handy if you will be saving large media files to Dropbox during your time at university.



iPhone, iPad and Android, £3.99

Too many passwords for too many websites? Keep forgetting the login to your university email? Wishing you could access all your passwords in one place, but worried about the safety implications?

1Password is a secure way of storing all your important data, including passwords, driving licence numbers and bank details. If you have a new iPhone or iPad, these details can only be accessed by you with your thumbprint. If not, you will create one master password.



iPhone and iPad, £2.99

With Clear, storing reminders on your phone and making to-do lists is refreshingly easy. Set reminders for everything from lectures to tutorials and essay deadlines, and there’s no reason why you should forget anything important ever again!

For us, Clear’s minimalist interface is particularly slick and user-friendly. More so, in fact, than the reminders apps that come as standard on iOS and Android devices.


Sonocent Recorder

iPhone and iPad, Free

Find it hard to simultaneously take notes and focus on understanding the topics under discussion?

You’re certainly not alone. Which is why many students record their lectures and go through those recordings when they get back to their desk.

Our free app, Sonocent Recorder, makes this job easy.

With the app, you can take high-quality recordings that will rival anything that you could capture with a top-of-the-range digital recorder.

Plus you can highlight important points from the lecture, break your recording down into sections and insert slides alongside your audio -- all with a few taps.



iPhone, iPad and Android, Price varies

Did you know that university students get 50% off Spotify membership? That’s your essay-writing and revision soundtrack sorted!

You’ll find pretty much every (non-Taylor Swift) album ever released on Spotify, including records so obscure that even John Peel didn’t own them.



iPhone and iPad, £2.99

For us, this is hands down the best Twitter app out there.

Our favourite feature is mute, whereby you can silence people and hashtags without their knowledge. Got a long night ahead in the library and want to stay plugged into Twitter while preventing anyone divulging the results of the big match or Great British Bake Off? Use Tweetbot to mute all potential sources of annoying spoilers.



iPhone, iPad and Android, Free

Blackboard is the virtual learning environment used by most universities.

With the app, you can access your course material without needing to sign into your uni’s website. Blackboard have also taken user feedback into account in recent years and made the app more user friendly.



iPhone, iPad and Android, Free

We think that Instapaper should have a much wider audience. In essence, the app is a way of saving links to webpages for later reading.

Say you stumble across an interesting article or YouTube video via Twitter, but you don’t have time to watch it there and then. Just send the link directly from Twitter to the Instapaper app.

Instapaper will help you keep up with the latest articles relating to your course too. For instance, if, as a casual aside, your lecturer mentions a news article that you should read for some fresh context on a particular topic, you can send a link to the article to the app and it will be saved for you.

In an added bonus, the app also does a very nice job of presenting website content in a smartphone and tablet-friendly manner.



iPhone, iPad and Android

With the Kindle app, you can read any book that you have downloaded with your Kindle on your smartphone or tablet.

Kindle is an especially cost-effective way to buy set texts that are out of copyright. For instance, if you are an English Literature student and you don’t fancy lugging the ‘Complete Works of Shakespeare’ all the way home for the Christmas break, you can download them to your Kindle for under £1.



iPhone and iPad, £6.99

Keynote is definitely the most enjoyable way to create a presentation -- and with the app you can do it all on your iPhone or iPad.

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