Find note taking tricky?

With our software you don't need to write or type, just listen and engage.

Capture all the important information, simply and efficiently

With Sonocent Audio Notetaker for Windows and Mac it's easy to capture full recordings of classes and meetings and to work with that audio.

The software makes recordings of speech a real, tangible thing, by visualizing audio as chunks, phrase-by-phrase.

This enables you to quickly return to any part of the recording later.


What can I use it for?


Study skills

Sonocent for colleges

Language learning

Disability support in education

Transcription and interviewing


Our CARE process: powerful resources in 4 simple steps

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    Work with recordings taken on your laptop or with the free companion app. It’s easy to go back to the key moments - audio is visualized, phrase-by-phrase.

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    Bring together all your information on a topic. Highlight audio, and add photos, slides and text notes alongside your recording.

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    Listen back to the key moments of your recording at your own pace. Create more detailed notes and take dictations.

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    Quickly bring together information by topic or task. Export into multiple file formats and share with colleagues or classmates.


Make more of what you hear

The Audio Notetaker workspace gives you easy access to the golden nuggets of information in your audio recordings.

Killer quotes, priority action points, fresh facts… you have a bird’s eye view of it all and can listen back to any part with a click. Plus, create richly-detailed projects on a host of topics with notes, images, slides and reference material.


How can Audio Notetaker help you?

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    Better notes

    Note taking is hard. There’s simply too much to do at once. But with Audio Notetaker, you can record, highlight and revisit at your own pace.

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    Truly mobile

    You know those times when you’re out and about and hear something important? Now you can record with a tap using our free companion app.

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    Greater productivity

    No more digging around for all the documents you have on a topic. With Audio Notetaker, everything is there in one project, a quick keyword search away.

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    Less stress

    Why scribble away like a mad person in classes and meetings? With Audio Notetaker you can capture everything effortlessly, and focus on listening.


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