Study strategies and resources.

With Sonocent, your students can create super study resources for revision, assignments, research, and presentation practise.

Access a library of free training resources.

When you implement Sonocent, you gain access to a library of free training resources developed in collaboration with study skills experts. Your team can quickly put these videos, tutorials, and guides to work when training your students in the software. In fact, your students can go ahead and make use of many of the resources independently, direct from our software's Home Tab.

YouTube Playlist | How to Use Sonocent in 4 Simple Steps

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    Independent note taking

    Sonocent breaks note-taking down into manageable steps that almost any student can perform.

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    Oral essay composition

    Rather than rushing to write everything down, your students can work through their thoughts by speaking, recording, and editing.

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    Effective revision

    Your students can use Sonocent to apply proven revision strategies, including the Cornell method.

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    Presentation practice

    Your students can import their slides into our software, add their script, and record their delivery for review.

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Book your students onto our free training webinars

In case your students need a little extra help with using Sonocent, we run free training webinars throughout term time. These include our 'Sonocent 101' webinars, which will equip your students with a proven formula for better notes with Sonocent. Then there are our 'Sonocent 201' webinars, which cover additional study strategies like revision and essay composition.

Webinar series | Sonocent 101s and 201s for students

Point your students towards in-software training resources

Sonocent software is pre-loaded with videos and guides which your students can refer to whenever they have a question.

From the software's Home Tab, your students will find:

• An interactive tutorial to the main features

• Four ‘getting started’ videos

• A comprehensive Reference Guide

• 7 tutorials covering recording in class and other key tasks

In detail | How does Sonocent software help students take better notes?

A guide to the software for your students

When you purchase your licenses, we will send you a welcome pack including a guide to using Sonocent for your students. Within the guide, they will find our simple step-by-step process to using the software to take notes from class. The guide will also point them towards additional resources for squeezing every last drop of goodness from the software.

In detail | Developing core study skills with Sonocent


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