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Audio Notetaker is not just about taking notes from lectures and classes.

More than being simply a revision aid and Note taking tool it can also help with Research, Brainstorming and Composition. All of which can be used together to create an essay from scratch. The tool also makes interview analysis and transcription significantly easier for those students who need to conduct interviews or focus groups as a part of their study. 

Case Studies
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    International Student

    Audio Notetaker’s emphasis on enabling means its recording facility is also beneficial for international students learning in a second language. While lecture hand outs can help students to catch up on information missed in lectures, having an accessible version of the lecture is invaluable.

    Case Study

    Ghislain is an international student studying at Leeds Met University. Originally from Cameroon Ghislain has excellent English skills but still found it hard to fully understand his lectures. This was most evident when his lecturers had a broad accent and spoke quickly.

    By using Audio Notetaker Ghislain was able to record his lectures and in real time make notes and highlight important sections and then review the audio later. Click the button below to read the full case study.

       Case     Study


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    Research students

    Does you research involve interviewing people? Do you find recording the conversations useful?  Do you ever struggle to manage these conversations? Would you rather get on with your research rather than having to search through hours of audio?

    Well Audio Notetaker might be good for you. Just download the totally free full functioning version and have a go.


For many people reading and writing
is no easy task.

Audio Notetaker offers an approach to note taking which does not rely on text at all.  It removes barriers and enables users to focus on the important part – the information. It allows those with audio processing difficulties the opportunity to listen again in their own time.

Audio Notetaker is not a piece of assistive technology. It is technology which has been built around inclusive (or universal) design – an approach that works for all.

Case Studies
  • For personal use

    When law student Dominic started University he found creating good accurate notes a real pain. He also found that focusing too much on his note writing meant that sometimes he missed what the lecturer was explaining.

    Dominic now uses the tools provided by Audio Notetaker to alter his learning environment to better manage his dyslexia. He records all lectures and in real time adds notes and color codes useful sections.  Have a look at the case study for more information.

    Another student Darren found that managing 2 hour lectures was a real challenge. By using Audio Notetaker Darren was able to use the color template to identify important lecture notes that could be used for revision in the future. To find out more information please read his case study.  

        Case      Study


Meetings, webinars, conference calls, interviews –
Audio Notetaker can help with them all.

In the world of business some things are just too important to forget. That’s why it’s important to create accurate, accessible records. Audio Notetaker makes this a cinch.

Case Studies
  • Journalist

    Sophie has been an editor and journalist for 21 years. Although she learned shorthand many years ago, she never really got into it – it’s hard to build a rapport with interviewees when your mind is focused entirely on capturing what someone says. So she switched to Dictaphones. The beauty of these is that they record everything. That is also their downside – back at her desk, hours of an interviewee rambling has to be transcribed. Not forgetting the pain of missing one key word and having to listen to the last minute all over again.

    Enter Audio Notetaker.

    The solution has helped her save time, making it easier for her to deliver top quality journalism and make sure that she is always at the top of her game. Read the case study for more information. 

       Case     Study


Teaching speaking and listening skills effectively is a
challenge for any teacher. Audio Notetaker makes it
a whole lot less challenging.

Teachers can use Audio Notetaker at the front of the class, in groups or with individuals to help annotate, analyze and arrange spoken language.

Case Studies
  • English language

    Carol Weale from Dane Court Grammer School has been using Audio Notetaker within her classroom.  Carol found that in a few of her classes the students were struggling with speaking and most importantly listening within the class room environment. 

    By using Audio Notetaker Carol was able to involve the whole class in group discussions. She helped the quieter students to participate and worked with the more out going students to help them work better in a group environment.

    For more details please see the case study.

      Case   Study

    Please Note: Audio Tutor features have now been incorporated into Audio Notetaker V3 for PC

  • Continuing professional development

    Alison Smith is an English teacher form Ulverston Victoria High School in Cumbria.

    Alison is a Professional Mentor for teacher training.  She was able to use Audio Notetaker to help newly qualified teachers to help with classroom delivery. 

    By recording the trainee teachers delivery, then using the colour coding features Alison could very easily provide feedback to the teacher on areas where there were too much ‘teacher talk’ and other activities could have been introduced.

    The trainee teacher was then able to ultilise Audio Notetaker to record a colleague and analyse their performance and identify further areas of development for themselves. Click on the button below to read the whole case study. 

      Case   Study

    Please Note: Audio Tutor features have now been incorporated into Audio Notetaker V3 for PC