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The best way of understanding how our software can help is to sign-up for a free 30-day trial. Remember, even after the trial ends, you will still be able to access all your projects.

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At just 80Mb our software will only take around 1 minute to download on an average broadband connection.
We promise that it is virus free and will not take long to install on your computer.

Did You Know?

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    You can record into Audio Notetaker. Or import recordings taken with another device.

  • did you know

    Audio Notetaker splits your recording up into individual phrases and displays them on screen as chunks.

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    You can export your projects as a video, text file or MP4 to listen back on your iPod.

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    You can tag your project so that you can quickly find it later with a simple search.

Support Contact
David Keating

David Keating

t: 0113 815 0223

May I introduce David our Customer experience manager. David is passionate about Audio Notetaker, but he is even more passionate about helping people get the best out of our software. So if you have any issues with the software, are struggling to get the best out of it or maybe you just want a chat, give him a call or send an email.

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