Assistive Technology

Proven study software
for students with
special needs
“Audio Notetaker has been a life saver. It gives one the opportunity to be independent."
Student, MacEwan University
Approximately 40,000 students
with disabilities are using
Sonocent Audio Notetaker.
It offers a different approach to working with information,
One which doesn't require a student to
read or write
if they don't wish to.

What is it?

Sonocent Audio Notetaker is study software which utilizes the power of audio recordings for note taking. It was specifically designed to help students with disabilities overcome the following barriers to effective studying. It can help with:

• Reading, writing or listening difficulties
• Concentration difficulties
• Working memory and information processing difficulties
• Organization & time management difficulties
• Physical impairments



The clever bit

Instead of the single stream of information you get with standard audio, Audio Notetaker splits your recording up into individual phrases and displays them on screen as a bar.


You can use color to highlight and annotate your recording as if you were highlighting words on a page.


Audio Notetaker combines audio, color highlighting, text, images and presentation slides all into a single, comprehensive workspace. It enables students to study in a way that is effective for them, ultimately leading to independent study.

  • Multi-sensory note-taking interface, allowing images, text and audio to be combined
  • Highlight speech from class with color, just like you would use a highlighter pen to annotate textbooks
  • Use color annotations to aid finding important points and extracting key information
  • Organizational and search tools to assist with finding notes and recordings
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Supports recording in class, from online videos and using digital voice recorders




Why It's Great

Increases Academic Success

Audio Notetaker currently has 40,000 users. In a recent survey 85% of respondents said Audio Notetaker helps them take better notes and recall information.

Keep Everything in One Place

The software combines audio, color, text, images and presentation slides all into a single workspace which is easy to view and navigate.

Active Learning

Creating notes in Audio Notetaker is an active process. Constant interaction helps students stay focused and enables them to engage with the class content.

Study From Home

Students can review their lectures from home in their own time. Audio Notetaker for PC also enables students to record video lectures from YouTube or Blackboard.

Use in Combination with Other Tools

Record straight into our software – either from a mic or through your speakers - or work on audio recorded on digital recorders, phones or smart pens. Use Audio Notetaker with other AT such as speech recognition or TTS tools.

Gives Students Independence

Audio Notetaker enables students to take control of their own learning and study in a way that works for them. No longer do they need to rely on note takers or other peoples' notes.

No Need to Take Lengthy Written Notes

Audio Notetaker enables students to annotate and process information in audio format. This means they can create comprehensive notes without needing to write anything.

Improves Learner Confidence

Audio Notetaker reduces the anxiety of taking notes in class - students can always come back to their recording later! Recording instructions helps students accurately complete assignments.

Saves Students Time

With organizational features such as tagging and keyword searches, Audio Notetaker enables students to quickly and easily find the information they need.

Tailor-Made License Options for Institutions

Sonocent Audio Notetaker has numerous licensing options to suit your needs, including the flexible Loan-License which allows you to allocate licenses to students for specified time periods.

Find Out More

Cut your notetaking costs

"We have cut our expenses by 50% largely due to using Sonocent for our notetaking provision. The students love it and even their friends are asking for the software." 

Dave Medearis, Madison College

Read the case study



Download a White Paper

See how Scott Ritter, an Associate Director of Disability Services, identifies Audio Notetaker as the key to providing students the pathway to independent learning success in his white paper.


Download the white paper

Case Study Video


Special Loan License

Sonocent Audio Notetaker has numerous licensing options to suit your needs, including the ultra-flexible Loan License which allows you to allocate licenses to students for specified time periods.

Individual licenses start from just $85 and considerable discounts for volume licenses are available.

Get In Touch

Sonocent have a US-based team ready to answer any of your questions. We also schedule regular webinars and demonstrations of Audio Notetaker.

Call us on 1-855-547-2426 or alternatively fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help.

Audio Notetaker Study Skills

Sonocent’s audiocentric strategies help students develop personalized learning materials from lectures, seminars, lab sessions and workshop materials as well as from reading and research. If you’re interested in seeing more of how Audio Notetaker strategies can be used, download our guides.

Note Taking in Lectures

Recording lectures with Audio Notetaker allows students to engage with lecture content and create rich, accurate notes using color, images and typed text.




Note Making for Research

Audio Notetaker can be used for collection, collation and comparison in primary and secondary research. Use in conjunction with other assistive technologies or simply use AudioNotetaker’s rich feature set to create file and color templates and extract information to create new files for composition or reviewing.

Writing an Essay

Use Audio Notetaker to assist with planning and drafting essays and assignments. Combine with speech recognition to dictate and transcribe ideas.




Presentation Practice

Improve presentation skills by studying speech patterns of practiced orators in Audio Notetaker before composing specific presentations. Use color annotation to analyze targets and achievements in structure and delivery. Hear what your audience will hear and create cue cards directly from your final presentation. 

The Cornell Method

The Cornell note taking method helps students review and revise their notes. Audio Notetaker’s panes lend themselves perfectly to the Cornell Method of creating revision summaries.



Audio Summaries

Creating audio summaries is a well-known approach for revising or reviewing learning materials. Using a combination of original lectures and your own verbal notes, audio summaries can be created and exported to iPods, smartphones and tablets for review on the go.