About us.

Sonocent has opened up the potential for millions of people who struggle with written language to study and work better

Helping people to harness the power of spoken language.

The world revolves around information.

Recently, with the popularisation of Flipped classroom, Youtube and Podcasts it is increasingly moving away from text as being the only source of information, to spoken language, video and audio. However, we haven't developed the tools to effectively work with information when it is spoken and not written. All we do is listen, and this isn't enough. This is the problem Sonocent seeks to solve.
By creating a user interface which enables people to work effectively with spoken language as well as written language, Sonocent has opened up the potential for millions of people who struggle with written language to study and work better, without relying on text.


"As a small company run by its founders, creativity and innovation is at the heart of what we do. Our innovation lies not just in the technology we have produced, but our ideas for what tools we need in order to best work in the age of information."

Dave Tucker, Director


“Our core target are people who struggle with reading and writing. After all, who else is innovating for them? We believe we can make a huge difference to millions of people's' lives by enabling them to learn within an educational system which often fails them.”

Roger Tucker, Founder


A commitment to continual innovation

Much of our innovation lies in how intuitive it is to record, edit and annotate audio using our software. As Leonardo da Vinci said, 'simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'.

We display audio, text and images, side-by-side, in a way not seen before. It enables people to so clearly align different media that you will wonder why it hasn't been done before.

There are no other companies who offer this visual and interactive way of working with audio recordings and as such we are unique.

We have spent 9 years developing our initial ideas into a very comprehensive tool for working with spoken language that is highly effective. Roughly 15% of our turnover goes into research and development work.


5 principles that guide everything we do

To develop exceptional software that has a positive impact on how our users work and study. Every update is free and comes packed with exciting new features informed by user feedback.

• To create super-useful resources - everything from videos to interactive software tutorials - that help our users extract every last drop of goodness from the software.

• To be completely honest and open in everything we write - from leaflets to blogs and our monthly email newsletter.

• To form lasting relationships with everyone that we come into contact with: from our users to our partners in education and business.

• To provide a fun, vibrant working environment where every employee’s contribution really matters.


Where are we at this stage of our journey?

Currently, we're working hard to establish ourselves as a not- taking technology in the majority of North American colleges, starting by focussing on supporting students with disabilities and then expanding to reach all students by getting institutional sales. 

Aside from selling licenses directly to institutions, we also plan to grow through strategic partnerships.

Major players are looking at our technology and recognise that it offers something exceptional which solves problems not addressed by anyone else.

In the future, we hope that our technology will be integrated into other platforms so that more people can harness the power of spoken language.


Want to join the team?

As one of the team, you will have plenty of opportunities to gain fresh skills and experience. Most of all, you will go home each day knowing that you have done some good. How many people can say that?

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